Messi must stay in Barca

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Since July 11, fifa coins
Barcelona officially announced after the renewal of Messi, Messi when the signature became the focus of media attention. Since then, Barcelona has experienced a difficult summer, so that the original "board nail" into a "confusing". "Daily Sport newspaper" author of the analysis of the status of Messi's contract, and said the possibility of small fleas leave the team is not.
Recently Barcelona senior talked about the issue of Messi renewed, are optimistic about this. It is reported that Barcelona has been and Messi I negotiated, the two sides are looking for time to renew and shoot official photos. In fact, Messi's contract has three contracts, the first contract is the Barcelona and Messi Foundation's contract, the contract signed by the head of the Messi Foundation; the second contract is Messi's portrait contract, Signed by Messi's brother; the third contract is a work contract, currently signed by Messi's father.
But the problem is that the labor contract must be legal after the players themselves signed, so the third contract also need to sign Messi, since the renewal will take effect. Otherwise, Messi in January 2018 can be discussed with other teams free transfer.
Nevertheless, fifa 18 coins Messi leave the possibility is still very low. Because even if he moved the new owner, the portrait is still in the hands of Barcelona, Barcelona is still the right to its commercial development, which will greatly damage the interests of new owners. Therefore, this deal is difficult to carry out.

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