Do you know how many type printers?

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There are many types of printers, different working principles, so the demand for consumables are not the same. The inkjet printer relies on printing the ink on the paper and the ink is stored in the cartridge. Inkjet printer main consumables are ink cartridges, the common printer is inkjet printer to using ink cartridges only.

The laser printer relies on the print cartridge and electrostatic attraction to print the toner on the paper in accordance with the print pattern, the main consumable is the toner cartridge. There is no "cartridge" in the laser printer, the toner is usually installed in a toner cartridge called "powder warehouse" in the structure.

The dot matrix printer traces the paper by printing the zigzag ribbon, and the main consumable is the ribbon. Ribbon is a cloth with ink, it does not "ink cartridges".

Thermal printer is a special printer, it does not use the ink, but by means of thermal paper on the thermal coating to print, It works depend on the thermal print heads at different locations of different temperatures, high temperatures will make the coating paper becomes black. Its consumables are thermal printing paper, and no other consumables.
Let talk more about the ink cartridge and toner cartridge.
The ink cartridge mainly refers to the parts used in the inkjet printer (including the inkjet all-in-one) to store the printing ink and finally finish printing.Ink cartridges for the entire inkjet printer has a very important position, especially some low-end printers that has reached 2 boxes = 1 printer price. Therefore, in the purchase of the printer, you must consider the situation of the cartridge.
The most critical part of a good laser printer is a toner cartridge, also known as a photosensitive drum. It not only determines the quality of the print quality, but also determines the user in the use of the process need to spend much money. In the laser printer, more than 70% of the imaging components concentrated in the cartridge, the print quality is actually depend on the drum. Toner model refers to the printer can use the cartridge model, under normal circumstances, they will use the cartridge model that manufacturer recommended with the printer to match.
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